Fine dining plate ware that comes to life, creating a bond between food and diner through movements that extend the gastronomical experience of the taste.


Living Plates extend the art form of the chefs creation by engaging with the diner conversing as they react to weight and touch. Coming to life as an interactive canvas exploring the direct relationship between food, plate and diner. The living plates enhance the experience of a meal by adding a new dimension to plating and presenting food making it no longer static but moving and responding. They are specific to each flavour, yet open enough to be adaptable accommodating for a chefs creativity.

The variety of movements from sinking to folding and bouncing, reflect the endless possibilities of silicone opening a new window to eating rituals. The vessels become a further medium other than flavours for the chef to express his artistic vision they feed to highlight the specific dish they carry but also are changed according to the taste and flavour that they represent, nurturing a co dependant relationship between vessel and food. 

Shape and wall thickness are the two factors that heavily influence the movement of these plates. Through testing various different types of shapes, wall thicknesses as well as matrial finishing did the desired outcome come about. Each shape was turned and then cast into a food safe 40 shore silicone.

The process of eating dessert is slowed down, as with each force instigated on the cake, the plate moves as the weight distribution shifts. This is a plate that not only visually envelopes a dessert to then pop back up once it is finished, but also keeps people mind full of their experience their in.